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You know what it's like when you get a knock at the door and your dog runs wildly towards it barking and jumping excitedly. Can you imagine the disappointment after seeing all those packages come into the home and none of them are for you? You will probably have experienced that feeling once or twice yourself, but it's time to change that.

Subscribe to Happy Pups and have a Mini Christmas with your favourite furry person every month!

And did you know by treating your pup to a Happy Pups box you also help unfortunate dogs around the world get food, care, shelter, toys and treats? Well, now, you know!

Our boxes are packed with 4 items or more, and could include:

  • Dog grooming products, e.g. Shampoo, combs, sprays, towels; the list is endless 
  • Dog accessories e.g. Trendy leads & Harnesses.
  • All Natural and very yummy Bags of Dog Treats to Make Training a Breeze.
  • Natural Long Lasting Dog Chew to Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy and Strong
  • New and Fun Themes to Explore Together Every Month
  • Go on a journey of exploration with your pup and discover new and unusual toys and treats for your best friend.

Please note if your pup is under 12 weeks of age we can not guarantee treats will be suitable.


*** Important Subscription Information: This is a recurring order subscription box, and it is charged on the day of purchase.

If you order before the 15th you will receive your first box that same month and will be re-billed on the 15th of every month on the frequency you have selected until you cancel.

If you order after the 15th, then you will receive your box the month after and then it will follow in the frequency you have selected.

E.g. First order is placed on the 17th Jan and payment is taken immediately // First box is shipped on the 26th Feb // 2nd payment is made on the 15th Mar // You then go into the regular schedule of payment on the 15th of every month and your box getting shipped on the 26th of every month.

We send the boxes out on or around the 26th of every month. You can cancel or modify your subscription anytime.***

Happy Pups Subscription Box
Happy Pups Subscription Box
Happy Pups Subscription Box
Happy Pups Subscription Box
Happy Pups Subscription Box
Happy Pups Subscription Box