Our Story & Mission

Why We Exist

Happy Pups is for people who believe doggies will always be our pups no matter how old they get, they love us unconditionally and likewise, they mean the world to us. It's for people who get affected when they see cruel and horrible videos, and they get a warm feeling when they see cute doggie videos. We all want to help more, but it is hard to do it alone! Happy Pups was born because we want to bring joy to all dogs.

Impossible? Yes.

Will we make a difference together? Damn right, we will!

With Happy Pups, we can provide a service that will bring joy to the fortunate doggies that have loving parents in their lives, AND we can then also help more and more doggies that are not fortunate enough to have someone special in their life.

As well as donating a portion of profits to charities, shelters and dog societies, we will actively take part in being a part of the lives of doggies that have a tough life. We will do this by offering treats, toys, food, shelter and companionship to bring a little bit of joy in their lives. It's the least we can do for the unconditional love they give us.

If you support our mission, we would love it if you joined us and if you cannot, we would greatly appreciate it if you told a friend that's a dog lover about Happy Pups.


The Founders

We were a couple of lost entrepreneurs that have always had a passion for business, but we had no passion for what we were representing at the time. We have both always been dog lovers but never considered having a business catering to our beloved furry friends until we stumbled across a subscription-based business for dogs in the US.

We instantly had a lightbulb moment and decided to make it our mission to bring the concept to the UK and here we are with the Happy Pups Subscription Box! Our goal is to bring joy to all dogs. Still, we can only do that if we keep the dog parents happy, which means that we focus our attention on quality and attentiveness to provide excellent customer service and a fantastic experience.


The Future

One of our long term visions is to create a big charity ball every year where we will announce how much money we have raised for the charities and which charities will be receiving the funding. We have a vision for the event where dog lovers, fans, entrepreneurs, charities and professionals from all areas of the dog world come together, have a fantastic night and raise a substantial amount of money to support dog/pet charities so that they too can achieve their goals.

Another implementation we are working on right away is to get our brand of toys and treats created, which will allow us to hit the high-quality standards we have set for ourselves. Making our products will also allow us to match the theme of the month better as the toys will be created for that purpose which will provide you with an even better experience every month.

We genuinely hope you resonate with our mission and our purpose! We need all the help we can get to make this mission a reality, and if you can help in any of the following ways, we will be truly grateful and humbled. The ways you can help are:

  • Sharing and telling people about Happy Pups and our mission
  • Becoming a subscriber and being an active part of growing Happy Pups
  • Getting in touch if you are a manufacturer or have contacts in manufacturing
  • Provide regular feedback (good and bad) to allow Happy Pups to improve constantly
  • Provide guidance, assistance and connections with the planning and running of our yearly charity ball